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Maths is everywhere

On Monday night after the P and C meeting I stuck my head into the admin building when I heard laughter and saw a group of parents sitting in groups on little chairs, at little tables, listening to the teacher, (Mrs) Cathy Nash, showing how and what their kids are learning in maths and how parents  can help at home.   When the old phrase, ‘we did it differently in my days’ was mentioned, everyone had a little chuckle  and a conversation followed about  how parents know how to get to the right answer but not knowing the current way to get there causes frustration when the two ways clash.  Does that sound familiar?
Mrs Nash explained that getting to the right answer is only part of the journey but the road leading to the destination is the most important part.
It was fascinating to listen to Cathy explain how some kids process the mathematical  information and get to the right answer and another child can have the same information, come to the same answer and yet worked it out completely different but  both were okay.
Even going for a drive in the car can be turned into a fun maths lesson by playing with the numbers on number plates.  Simply adding the 3 numbers together or arranging the numbers in different orders to make the largest or the smallest number.  As I said maths is everywhere.  Just look for it! 
Tips at maths workshops, like what Mrs Nash is running, will make it easier and more enjoyable.  So if you’re up for a laugh and want to enjoy maths with your child at home, join the next session on Monday afternoon or night. 
For further information about these workshops see our Maths Workshop for Parents and Carers + Powerpoint news item