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Our school prides itself on 125 years of education and community involvement. We provide a safe and supportive school environment through the application of the school wide positive behaviour program based on our school rules being 'I am safe',  'I am respectful' and 'I am a learner'.  Should you wish to visit our school, I would be very pleased to meet with you and take you on a tour to inspect the facilities and to meet the staff.

Warm regards,

Michael Cookman


Enrolling your child

When enrolling your child/children, you are requested to make an appointment with the Principal. Please call our friendly office staff on 07 5472 9333 to arrange a suitable time and allow about 30 to 45 minutes so we can get to know you and your children.

At the interview, we also discuss important key polices, answer any questions you may have and take you on a tour of the school, and where possible you will be introduced to your child's/children’s class teacher.

Back to School 2023

Below are important details for the returning to school next year.

Meet the Teacher morning – Friday 20 January between 8:00am and 9:30am. This is the time to bring in your school books, say hello to your teacher, meet some new friends. Approximately 30 minutes is required.

First Day of School – Monday 23 January

School Uniforms – School uniforms are purchased from the P&C uniform shop, which runs out of the tuckshop. The uniform shop is open during school hours through this week and next week. Uniform sales will then be available between 8:00am – 11:00am, Wednesday 18 January, Thursday 19 January and Friday 20 January (this is the week prior to school starting next year).

Booklists – The Yandina State School 2023 Booklist is attached to this email. Yandina News and Noosa Office Choice both have copies of the booklist and can put together booklist packs for families. Alternatively, you may choose to source the items from different suppliers.

School Communication – Yandina State School uses COMPASS as a communication tool. COMPASS EDUCATION has an app you can download from your APP store, next year you will receive an invite to create an account. COMPASS sends push notifications, emails and has a Facebook style feed of information. COMPASS also hosts the school events calendar and is also the tool used to notify the school of absences. Between now and school starting 2023 you will receive either emails or text messages from the school. Keep an eye out for your COMPASS account invite email around mid-January.

In emergencies or notifying of illness the school will ring families. Urgent but not critical information may be sent via text.

The school has a Facebook page, this is for sharing news and highlights and should not be considered the location to search for the most up to date information.

Prep Enrolment LINK

Enrolment agreement

The Application for Enrolment sets out the responsibilities of students, Staff and Parent/Caregivers at Yandina State Primary School.

At Yandina State School, we aim to provide a socially just learning environment which will allow all children to reach full potential in the academic, behavioural, social and emotional growth areas in order to become capable and responsible members of society.

Last reviewed 02 December 2022
Last updated 02 December 2022